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scroll down 13 pictures to the one of the twin towers and click on will get a dual image of the twin towers with the kids running away from the burning napalm....all one scene as if they are running out of the city, their humble village.

the compassion shown for the deceased in NYC was profound, but we cannot extend that to the Iraqis or the Afghans ....once I was talking to a former girlfriend about the suffering the Vietnamese went through abd she said, "you don't catre about the Americans! you only care about the Vietnamese!" made me very angry,the split, the tribal singularity i guess you'ld call it. of course, they don't value life like we do. a dangerous assumption, an apocalyptic one. thanks for the post. compassion has got to be the one most re·vered weapon, love of self and others. scary tho but should be a part of our makeup. macho men feel emasculated by this, but it really means strength of character. it's an inbred social disease. the other as Enemy.

back to the hospital for three long days.