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once again the inability of the internet to capture nuance arises

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i merely posted the article as a way to make my point that posting articles, in itself, does not give proof of anything, has to examine what one can and make decisions based on perception of truth and some intuition, too

i didn't post the article because i agreed with it....i posted it as an example of how doing this doesn't always provide truth

i participate in other boards/groups/fora, of course...and one i am particularly frustrated with the endless back and forth yammering between the left and the seems folks yell, and when the other side doesn't agree, they yell louder....often it grows to insults....i have been caught up in this as well....funny thing is, this is fantasy baseball group that plays silly games together...

to me, the posting of articles can, at times, portray the same thing as the endless arguments and my article posted was just a way to state that....of course there is extreme silliness in my article....i'm a socialist, not a republican....i was just making a point that just because an article says something, that doesn't make it right

there is a lot of disinformation being posted by the left, i believe......the bush awol issue is silly, the expunging of drug conviction is silly (i have sought and been granted pardons for criminal records have been expunged what?)

but i suspect we agree more than we disagree....i have an inheret distaste for most politicians....but if i have to eat one of them, i'll take the mildly distasteful deans & wieners or the slightly sour kerry cheesecake over the rotten and expired bushburger any day of the week.....