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Posted to Tribute to Ken Kesey

Ive been thinking all day about Mr Kesey, still trying to take in his death,It hasnt been reported in England, which is sad and I was shocked when I heard about it last night on Litkicks.
Ken Kesey moved me.
My first experience, was when my father tossed a copy of The elektric Kool-aide acid test on my lap, one summer a few years back. My eyes were open immediatly to his ideas, so I read a little more, researched a little and fell in love.
With his passing away,Ive realized that the things I have learned and grown from, need never change, the ideas were there, he the planter and bearer, now they grow.
As they grow, they can never die,Ken Kesey lives on.
Sorrow has not captured me yet, I find myself having a smoke in his honour(its what he would have wanted im sure) and Im thinking now, of freedom, of the universe, and of the bonds broken by the ties of the body.
So today I carry no sorrow, Just a little smile, and a great big wink.
Love your Peace Ken Kesey
you worked hard and played hard for it.