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also i have no qualms about trying cocaine as a youth, i did as well as getting out of military service, i did, in Nam near the end of my tour I caLLED in sick got excused for three days then did it again with another flight surgeon. empty deserted firebases and all very spooky, but the point of the debate about Dumbya is not his guard service alone but his posturing about as a true veteran and his warmongering with others' lives. My friend John O'Keefe did air guard duty after the peace corps and was antiwar from the getgo and consistant with that course. hell, he was with me in pilot training. we went to a meeting of the american friends service committee inj san antonio and met up with some army guys training as medics, all conscientious objectors. Now compare Dumbya's service and warmongering with that.

the article by kerry was a profound statement. the posting by the national review fellow, I'd already read it before via the antiwar vet network and the kerry campaign as news about slandering kerry.
you can read and verify or disagree, yes. but you've never been through a military experience where you've had to disagree with your government after the fact.
the bush awol issue is not silly. being awol is a time honored method of resistance, rebellion. but he was treated with kid gloves, covered it up, parades around like the champion of the military, sends them off to war, poorly planned. preemptively without due cause, and continues to lie and manipulate and stall in full view of everyone. another analogy I heard was "pneumonia is better than cancer." but alas, we are better off than that and the real course needs involvement so that we are a part of that inane meal and it is up to us to progress with it into something more savory.