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The wind is tasting rain tonight

Posted to Poetry

The wind is tasting rain tonight, and columns of water fall outside from a parted grey sky.
Serpentine tears drip down my window, moist from my lusting breath.
Headlights are breaking up the asphalt that glitters like crushed diamonds, and the road is humming me into a sleepy haze.

The mountains of Nevada are pressing me outwards into the plains of Californian in a geological birth, and I breath new life, with new air, and cry...

The last moments I spent with Nana previous to this were in a cab, leaving a mall big enough to be my world.
She spoke to me about Christmas ornaments and their significance and bought me a toy soldier to start my collection.
Now in the shadow of months I return, mimicking that toy soldier. Stern and emotionless, ready to fight and die in this battle with grief.

Cancer consumed her, as I consumed every moment of her. And like all things, it has come to an end.
I saw the matriarch of my family weak, and fading of life in a room dark enough to blend into the shadows under her eyes. Halos of death I stared into as she touched my face with hands smelling of the bedpan, and told me of love.

And it was.


A moment can go by unnoticed, with a grace such as that it can pass through the eye of a needle and disappear, but this day broke like glass into a campfire, molding it self around my bones, taking a new shape and shaping me at the same time.

And I still smolder with that new begining.