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Confusion About Modern Life [formally, Spurts of Madness #1]

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*i have never edited one poem as much as I have this one and now I'm thinking I've gone too far.*

Confusion About Modern Life

We call it black
And it bites with fiery eyes
Taste the stars
Manic stare of a devil child after dark
Soaked night desperate night
No longer feel free to roam
Naked and dancing under the
Moon hung low brilliant ball
Amber thoughts never told

Awoken, a nudge of sincere inspiration
The day breaks in two
Alive for a second
Flung out cast out into the
Weakened morning's
Velvet sky
Broken down too often to be mended
Melted and shamed
Witness to a spotlight inquisition
Drowning in uncertainty
Sat watching my dreams burn in the fire
Tried to stay warm

And suddenly a vision
Far off places come to mind
My mind...a washed up sunbeam on the beach,
Spoke so clearly
I saw its colours:
“To be free you need to
Dance the dance of a million words.”
Stripped to the skin, the bone the soul
When your heart is hung on the line
Your soul on display
All your colours can be seen on one page

An artistic angel sung to me and knew me
As I climbed invisible mountains of
Delicate translucent gold
Sing to your saviour
Singing soul mate maiden
Be freed from their chains
And lose yourself
Poetic prophecies. I want to dance
Amongst the notes pouring
Like naked angels from the speakers

Switch on the light, face your future: co-dependence that fits like a glove.

These wild animals that swim in
Expensive Oceans
A multitude of malignant maniacs
Desperate for a bedtime story
Full of lust or wine
Creation becomes unseen
Hidden under the trees
Smothered in unwanted love until you die
If I smile too long will my mirror
Crack before me, before I crack?