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When a book chatchs a book: PLEASE, FOLLOW MY RECOMENDATION

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I have the habit of reading this book once a year, around the first days before Christmas holidays. I firts read it being 16 years old, at the same time of the year when the action is set. If you liked the style, this 'oh, that's what I think' monologue, I reccomend you: "La vida exagerada de Martín Romaña" (The Exaggerated Life of Martín Romaña) by Alfredo Bryce Echenique (check for 'Bryce', his surname). It's just TERRIFIC, a MASTERPIECE. Also check for its also grapping second part: "El hombre que hablaba de Octavia de Cadiz" (The Man who Talked of Octavia de Cadiz).

The history goes like this: Young southamerican wannabe writer arrives in Paris. Lots of fun. The second part tells a weird love story