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yeah yeah me too

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Bubbly dumb bubbles and tooting horns
black and blue muffins
Filtering chords
Banging big percussionists
Rhythms out of sink and timeless
Rounded flounders bounding down
Upon founding fatherless frogs
Mined minds mingling

Chatter box buildings bump into blueprints
Silly sad soldiers sounding siren souls
Weakly wound wounds wilting wearily
Sun setting in a full field of catastrophe
Characteristics shine blond in a hereditary fire
Leaving leaves low and wet
Filling buckets below looped lines
While paper is glued to metal mounds

Disgusting and desired, due to dope
Poked into a pin-hole pile
Diaper dishes dangling dill pickles
Tickling tapes tilled to tatters
Scary sharp edges swing into view
Etched into insane tiles
Outlined by brain batter
Edited echoes undermine authoritative

Video volunteers venting varied valentines
Need permeates slowly out of sight
Perceptive snails float fast on time
Passing pillows passively for partiality
Taking a bend below expectations
Slipping slime into surface seeds
Maybe maple meals melt into marbles
Maybe not.