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Furry Lawn

Posted to Poetry

Fat and fuzzy on a furry lawn
rolling ‘round crushing grass
shiny ants atop their hills
watch as I tip over and over

Stopped abrupt by a bump
kept ‘a rolling on the tingles
smelling the dust and molecules
itching feeling in my shorts

Now so dazed and dizzy
thwarted by the sunshine blur
found some shade to cool my wheels
constantly buzzed by malicious bees

Now to regain momentum
cooling off period cut short by bees
innocent revolutions of self
the grass remains a constant green

Discovering a lonely bug
while angry ants carry him home
his mass won’t budge into their hole
carried in pieces, a sad fate

I hear mom its time to eat
now upon feet of flight
this yard safari put on hold
waits patiently for me to adjourn.