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Thought For July Most Likely

Posted to Poetry

Can we step out from the grayness
Where the darkness meets the light?
Can we build a city limit
Where bravery borders fright?
Can we plant a field of roses
Between comfort and despair?
Can we mend the wounds of battle
Between apathy and care?

Are we pounding out our plowshares
To achieve the perfect sword,
To protect the crops we’ve gathered
From the ones who can’t afford
To purchase seeds for planting
When the bitter winter ends.
Will we all be without plowshares
When it’s planting time again

Let’s put away our anvils
And point our plows back toward the ground.
And break the sod in season
So the harvest might abound.
Spread the seed among the brethren
Share the labors of the field.
In another harvest season
We might reap a bonding yield.