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Empty Rooms They Glisten

Posted to Poetry

empty rooms they glisten
in the corners of my mind
to each in full asunder
with happiness in kind

I'd make a place for sofa's
or maybe a rocking chair
and a little table
with a lace cloth to spare

I'd buff the wooden floors
until my hearts delight
and whistle contently as I did
until the edge of night

I'd have a fireplace in every room
to light my life in full
and cast a shadow upon my wall
to which I could sit and mull

I'd place a rug in every room
and in every hall
and dot the bland with paintings
upon every wall

I'd make a place for porcelain
and a vase or two
and place a sculpture here and there
to add a special flair

next I'd add my children
and sit them to and fro
and lavish them in gifts
and love I'd surely show

then I'd make a special place
for my wife to be
then I'd adorn her with riches
to let her mind be free

we'd call this place our home
and live here eternally
and laugh and joke
and live our life
in splendor and harmony