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- for bw & jl

recollection ripples on a snowy winter night
where the air gets frosted and the streetlight sticks in its mist
i always want to take pictures when it gets like this
but usually i don't
i just tuck these infinities under my cap
and hurry to scrape the ice off of my windshield

squinting through Freya's foggy palette
realizing i don't know where i'm driving
like a reflex of anxiety
just get behind the wheel
just drive--just feel
i find basements warm with vapors & conversation
Borges and his garden
i find the presence of mind
and murmur through the blinds
more like the winds & less by design

here fate sews more rhymes
of kumquats, and white wine,
inspiration off the vine
but what i really desire
summer on the lake, ragged shore, maybe...a fire
breathing red embers against the grey stone bramble
the bay talking in ancient tongues
and that hemingwayan hallucination
that a flask of port poured out to sire
like bull's blood, amidst a cricket's choir
while the night closes its eyes to its time as a squire
midnight beckons me to retire