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Desparation,Copulation, and the Quiet Day

Posted to Poetry

They held me there, a prisoner of poetry for 7 days.
I could no longer speak or think of reason...
Desparation in a locked cage...
Free space; no time.
In a mind of sorrow I caught the faer and ran away from dreary dark night below.
It was a quiet tale of copulation on a countertop,
Bare and naked, sweating from the effort of sex and acheivement.
We were all winded and blown from coffee and strong drink
And the movies drove us mad with a powerful lust.
We were children in the water,
Lost in translations of divine existence
The mumbles and words of lost gods and empty dreams.
Blood scattered on the women children obeying the hours
Then flowers burned us all into submission.
I was always corrupt.
Tonight we will sing in praise of dead animal farms and the desolate plain.
There no longer was a name nor hope for the worried gardener.
His wife and I were friends some solemn Sunday,
When we talked about sodomy and fornication...
When we talked about the wild horses who lie wanting and waiting in the yard.
Sleeplessness... madness...
A collection of undescribed images,
Disturbing formal minds and the eyes of screeching ravens.
But what now?
After death and copulation; sex and acheivement,
Where do we die?
Who will re-incarnate us in broken bottles and smells of old nights and beer?
Dining in a snakeskin chair with no arms... no fear
Sleeping in the car
This is the hellish nightmare.
Broken dreams, screams of time
Quiet evolution, revolutionary mind...
And repiration, desparation in the snow.
Oh dearpoor fool lunging with loathing.
Where will you go?
Where will you go?
It's time to close the door
It's time to see the light.
You've nothing left to die for,
A sin in blank-labeled jars.
riding around in one of those old cars.
Memories and beliefs.
We struggle with reality and die a million times in heat
Where no one saves us
And everyone is clinically insane.
They told me it was a brave new world and I laughed,
Laughed because they were dead and life was so very full of shit.