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over and over I watch myself
running away...
why do i Why do I
feel that this constant cacophany
of bullshit that runs through my head
has any real place in my mind?
patterns and predictable people
lethargic deja vu..smoking again
- remember that power is addictive
power to change who you are
change them into what you want
only remember that its temporary
what you want is never what you get -
keep pressing those old bruises
feel if they still hurt (aching eyes)
I'm running from this recycled pain
it's so familiar it wraps me up
again it's ceaseless questioning/doubts
only dispelled by patterns of power and pot
relief allows a breath - press pause just for me
so I can look for an opening
find that place where I can rest
stop the bleeding - feel my breast rise and fall
with unencumbered breath
with pure joyful sex
why can't i Why can't I
rest from running...?