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It's been great to read your thoughts on OTR and his other works. Actually, you all reminded me about what I liked so much about beat lit/poetry in the first place--and that was the sense of freedom and solidarity with other kindred weirdos. I guess I'm just a lot less weird than I used to be! I've gone back this week and read some poetry and a few short things of burroughs and brautigan, and really enjoyed them. I also pulled out one of my favorite Patti Smith poetry books--she's really special to me, has been for a long time. Somewhere in there I was asked what I do like to read these days. I've been immersed in anthropology and biology--especially the evolution of behavior and brain stuff. The best novel I've read in a long time was Platform by Michael Houellebecq---fantastic dark humor, deeply underground character. Sick stuff...affecting. If any of you liked that novel too--please recommend other contemporary writers I might like. I've been away from literature for a while now.

Again, it was great to read your well expressed, insightful comments.

l8t r g8t rs,