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thank ya kindly

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this poem was just something i was feeling when i started on this website. whether or not its to or about an actual not sure, maybe thats where the (Subliminal) comes in.

i was in love once so far in my life. i dated this girl for about 4 months but we've been best friends since 2000. i knew her about 4 years before that when we dated in middle school but i didnt speak to her till my senior year of high school (we started dating the summer after graduation).

we went through a lot of great times and many tough times (as im sure that most relationships do). it was the first real grown-up relationship id had.

but like i said it lasted 4 months and we called it quits. we're still friends though...and i quit writing poetry about her a couple years ago but every once-in-awhile i wonder if her memory creeps into the back of my mind and i accidentally write a piece about her.

i dont think that quite answered your question but fuck it. its a long long long story (especially for only being together 4 months).

i really appreciate you reading though...i started getting the feeling this was gonna be another lonely thread...