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on hearing bright eyes

Posted to Poetry

plantive voices questioning me
over a quiet guitar part,
growing more and more anxious,
louder, more confused, noslogic, afraid.
i am still unable to describe
the horrible clenching in my chest,
the lightness of my head,
and the turning of my stomache.
it's easy enough to compile your parts,
hands and imploring looks,
and envision you questioning me.
your voice would stay still,
touchingly calm and sad.
mine would be yelling,
screaming, demanding answers of you,
of me, of the feeling taking over my guts,
of the nuerotic urge to run and to stay.
when the refrain ends your voice fades out
nad i'm slightly aware that my voice is
still violently questioning
and my syllables and silences are running together.
everything stings and echos.
there is no possiblity of calm.
all noise fades out
and my image of you disappears.
my body is left with the familar
receading wave of panic
and ringing in my ears.