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I am not a resident in this crazy house,
much too hesitant like a little mouse.
Chewin’ holes in the walls and snatchin’ up all the cotton balls
In case the mercury falls and I need a warm bed ,
So I can sleep warm and well fed and let my little mouse dreams
Dance around in my head
Wake me up once you find a good game to play
Like a roll in the hay, away from hustle and the bustle,
So I can mend my magic muscle and think straight once again,
Now and then this little wheel gets turning and I’m left tredding water in the deep end,
Without my floaties on just trying to keep head above the surface,
Lost track of my purpose and my purse, my MAN purse,
(Guys need to carry shit too) but now I’m broke and start to choke on my dinner of dust
And fallen leaves , I try to tell my story but they just smile and nod politely, no one really believes
My phantasmagoric sequences likes showgirls with their sequins and feathers,
Dancing around singing about the weather,
I never bought an umbrella because there’s always one around,
Hanging with the ups and downs of people waiting for the storm
Following form in some fucked up line dance
Dismissing happenstance and epiphanies because their just so damn busy,
Like worker bees from over seas just trying to make a living
They made sacrifices for their vices so they just stopped giving,
Into anything at all except the little rubber ball they had when they were just a baby,
Choking down mushed carrots and turkey gravy
Wishing ,maybe, that they could express just how nasty that shit is
Until it escalates into a nightly "plop plop fizz fizz"
Relief is the biz we all eventually marry into
And we stop feeling anything because we don’t have to…