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Morning Moons

Posted to Poetry

Usually I have been waking
Around 3am
Out of the dream cycle, pausing for the next round
Of subconscious capers to unfold,
But last night the body alarm rang at 5am.
I was wide awake and sat up in bed.
Out to the west,
Through shadowed trees blanketed in silence
Was the moon in all its glory.
A white halo hung around its orbit.
The sky yellow and glowing from a thin layer of fog.
The contours of snow illuminated in this pure light,
And morning slumber.
My bikes looked so cold huddled together
Waiting for their 8am rides.
Even the wood picket fence
Seemed to shudder in this February morning.
And there I sat, my mind open to the world at 5am,
Thinking of how beauty is every where I look.
It hides from those with untrained eyes
And radiates to those who know its worth.
Staring at the white painted morning,
I welcomed the birth of a new day,
Imagining its colors, shape, and talk,
Giving thanks to the beauties in my life,
Glowing with the radiance of morning moons
In the silence of a February dawn.