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My Land

Posted to Poetry

I long for the land of my past;
the one which I live in exile of-
The one that was torn from my heart
like a babe from the breast of its mum-
I remember its mountains and valleys
which fit perfectly the parts of my heart-
I mourn for the memories stolen from me,
I mourn that ever we had to part;
I miss the trees in autumn,
I miss the waterfall
I miss the purple mountains,
and that I had to leave them at all-
My heart keens in wailing glory,
the splendor with held from its sight-
sobs for every hill and nook and forest
and the clean and starry nights,
so clear and bright-
So hear the lament my heart sings
when a breeze grazes your skin,
and know that its verses I’m doomed to repeat
‘till fate deems I should meet
my land again