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I have spent my life dreaming of water.
It runs forever clear when all else is ill defined.
Water has seeped into my thoughts:

I am weighed down and pulled under
The current stream of consciousness
Like a dark drowning baptism.

Sometimes I wish I could float

Like a petal
On surface tension.

Other times I feel it cool and serene
Reaching sublimity.
It sings:
The song of the river is ever
Under, under, under, under.

It reflects something unstable.
It cannot lie,
There is no drowning reality.

It feels wrong to
Set the mirror
Break up the image like losing thoughts
That nose, those eyes, gone-

But I should know
This is a pause to catch its breath.

It has trapped
The light forever.

I am shale
I am a shell
I am underneath

I can feel myself eroding,
Little rock
Settled down in the silt.

I have seen no clean souls
Like John, swaddled newness,
Shocking white rise
From these shores.

Only blackness gasping on the banks.