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eviction day 2/4/04

Posted to Poetry

we push the ashes on the floor
into spirals with our toes
staring at the storyboard walls
a spray paint history

curtains now brown with
polluted city air
hang like ghosts

remembering the shows where you lost all your clothes
and we danced til sunrise
on the roof as tiny people set out for their tiny office jobs
and we were bigger than the mountains in the distance

paintings and bike parts and song lyrics
and frozen photos of people we've known
sit expectantly by the recycling bin
yesterday's jewels, today's trash

i stand on my head
to skew the images of your faces

because i can't say how much you mean to me
and the landlord's coming in five
but today the heat of our bodies
and the pulse of our breath
still claim this place as home

tomorrow i'll envision you all
the way we are today
fingers tracing the grain
of the wooden back door
and hearts wandering separate ways