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i have to agree

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writing on this page is an inspiration unto itself for me...i like writing on a computer rather than using pen (or pencil) and paper just because instead of erasing i can just go back and re-type it, plus i can type almost as fast as i can actually 22 right now but you would have been right if i hadnt got held back a grade (preschool actually) because people thought i wasnt mature mature you have to be at 4 or 5 i dont know but im glad i was held back. i got to be in the same grade as my little sister and i made so many friends along the way. i was lucky in that respect.

england, eh? what part? whats it like? have you ever been out of the country? have you been to america? um alot of questions. i like talking to foreigners (sorry to use that term FOREIGNER but thats what i am to you and vice versa) because i love america but i see that there is so much wrong with my country and i fear that people from other countries maybe group americans together like as one big that when they meet one of us (there are a lot of assholes here but there are 10 times more good people than bad) i fear that other countries think we're all bad.
other than that i like to talk to people from other countries just to get their view on life, the world around them, i mean the farthest from the usa ive ever been is Canada and it was Niagra Falls for gods sake. i could see the US from where i was. well this is a long message and i didnt mean it to be so im done now...good bye.