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Needles for the Needy

Posted to Poetry

what ever happened to that cute little girl
that followed our actions and looked up to us
she walked around thin
in paper doll styles
while the rest of us made faces in clay
we discovered drug use
she painted with fingers
growing and learning and wanting to play
she grew up to quickly
found best friend in sorrow
she started finding new comforts
after the world went away
then one day it happened
she was lowered and weathered
battered and shamed
this good little girl found a new game
its called gamble your life
heres the needle
heres the string
bubble up
the spoon is ready .now she takes a hit
good girl went bad
never once looking back
trickin for a twenty bag
and robbing legless men
she played new games like hiv and hep-C
puttin out for dollars
started stripping after hours
so much more i have heard
but not sure it is true
now shes got a disease
and her friends have it to
a long kiss
i bid you farewell
what do you do when you know deaths right there
running right thru you
in every fucking vein
no cure for this sickness
but the needle was the blame....