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>how mature you have to be at 4 or 5 i dont know
ha! i know what you mean, the entire school system was a bitch to me, i couldn't wait to leave...most of my teachers were cynical 29 year olds sick that they ended up in a high school like mine, i went to school in a place quite detached from the rest of the country. i live in the north west, lancashire, and there's some parts that are still quite backwards and holed up in those past prejudices, they're all quite scared of cultural diversity and stick to 'their own kind''s ok though, the place is a valley, we have moorlands, so the scenery is quite beautiful. i've been to spain, france, holland,'s all good. you've just got to find the good bits.

i always saw america as foreign, romantic...but i actually went to Florida last year, and it was just hotter, and more commercials in the TV breaks, and the accent was there but i didn't really get to see much. I was with my family, and we didn't go to many place outside of the hotel and theme parks. so i still have a thirst for seeing america, maybe i will.
i'm in love with american culture, i love the music, the art, the films, the history. it's a really interesting place for me. but american popular culture sometimes is just too much.
as far as the situation with iraq and whatever, I know the responsibility doesn't lie with all americans, just a few 'stupid white men'.
and i'm sure there's the same ratio of arseholes here as there is in the US, you just give them recording contracts and places in congress.