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the ripples in the sand

Posted to Poetry

This is the result of a 10 minute exercise in creative writing. It was me against my stop watch. This is my first foray of this kind.

the ripples in the sand
twist and turn into the
fabric of space and time
and leave me wondering
why and how I could
ever be in this wonderful

The sky above
is a brilliant blue
with whispy whips of
white that dot this expanse
and stretch into the innermost
stretches of my mind

the sun with it's yellow
bold and fiery emblazoned
core beats down onto my skin

beads of sweat permiate the surface
and breathe the air that surrounds me
this wonderful life enriching air
this oxygen that makes my cells
dance in a wonderous frenzy
I am part of this ecosystem
this Earth this planet that revolves
around the center of my thoughts
deep inside my mind that sits in the
corner of my living room

the water which rises and falls
with each breath I take is a wondeful
and enhanced blue that is breath taking
to see. This blue is deep with black
stretches of imagination that tickle
my inner ear. This blue engulfs my
existance and embraces the sky on the
horizon many miles away

I am a brush stroke, a word
and a music note in this painting,
this poem and this symphony that mother nature
performs for her audience

I forgot to pay my entrance fee
how could I have forgotten?