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The Discontent of Dreaming

Posted to Poetry

great swollen mists,cat purring on my shoulder
Ack! my enigma
swirly madness future screams pyramids
of review
all in a two fifeteen night dream
in the fragments in the mist
I saw ships swirling by my eye
little ships
yelling "OOh Yahoo" and spying on me
for other lifeforms
winking whistling shapes
grinning, peering
ominous solo
Shake my heavy lids open
"all a dream"
broken half streams of consciousness
Ah-pull yourself together
I hears beasts and fiddly die pooh
and visions of hell
fantsy lurid
book reviews
of yet unwritten sex, fantasy utopia
land novel
reads the ad copy
"grisly sex"
I see joseph on the window
as in a michelangelo phosporent dream
catholic images alternate saints
victorian babies dreamed in sperm
garbage man spectres
dripping sweet pilate
out my window
but the ships
are still spying on me
walking thru shuttled zones
blips drips catastophic holy bones
Wake have half a cigarette
half drained of scenes i met
chemical ash in the wonderland bazar
stirring hoping movements
have gone too far
roaches stuffed snuffed long ago, recent
descent crash crumble sex ashtrays
mind feels indecent
and the cat stops purring
fascination with the dawn
watch clock
eternal tick tock
reality phase
in the 2 a.m. haze
stir the hallucination
boil it ,
lonley groany fate
back to sleep
the hour grows late