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In Dreams of Fate and Souls

Posted to Poetry

One summer night
In Kansas City
With a pale hint of Milton’s blues
Stale Budweiser cigarette ash
Surely a Marlboro red
Clenched between my teeth

I came upon an event
That etched it’s self into my memory
Like it was acid on crystal

Strangely at the time
It happened
I didn’t even really notice it

I was headed home from somewhere
I don’t remember where
It was late
There in the JC Penny’s
Flitting around the lights of the
Huge deserted parking lot
Where a thousand Luna Moths
The green ones
That are size of your hand
50 or 60 a light, easy

Round and round they went
So rare, that I have only seen
A handful outside of that night

My first thought
Was to get a cherry picker
A big net and catch
Every last one of them

I was thinking
The suckers
Must be worth at least
A buck and ½ a piece