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you're weird

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which is the biggest compliment by the way.
yeah, the familiar new onion / old onion / topsoil / eBay
argument. totally agree...

i've heard Godspeed, i love them, but i haven't got any albums as yet. i can't download, they screw my motherboard up, and she's already screwed up, what with the guerilla dance troup and all...(can i pull it off as well as you?)

florida was directed by my step-dad, a shrivelled tadpole blues primate draggin' his knuckles,
but he's back in the cage now. we moved away from him.
i desperately wanted to go to Miami to see where Scarface killed all those guys with a chainsaw. but, ah, i could only dream.

i want to go down 'n' dirty in tennessee. want to spend some time in the deep south, it seems like the strangest place.

britain is almost just as strange to me as it probably is to you. i've never been to london, or birmingham, or wales, or, in fact anywhere south of liverpool. i live near manchester, which is a pretty exciting place, lots of good music. independent record stores kick arse! a great cinema called the cornerhouse, plays all the art films, which i pretend to understand, but really just see to get a dose of weirdness. weirdness turns me on. i actually enjoy every single David Lynch film, even if i don't get it. Lost highway gets me hot. so does wild at heart.

captain beefheart, godspeed, meat puppets, sonic youth, pixies. yessssssssssssss.

british; gorky's zygotic mynci, spiritualized, super furry animals, aphex twin, squarepusher...??

Natural lead is a mixture of four stable isotopes: 204Pb (1.48%), 206Pb (23.6%), 207Pb (22.6%), and 208Pb (52.3%). Lead isotopes are the end products of each of the three series of naturally occurring radioactive elements: 206Pb for the uranium series, 207Pb for the actinium series, and 208Pb for the thorium series. Twenty seven other isotopes of lead, all of which are radioactive, are recognized.

keep long posting me, huh.