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a different kind of valentines day

Posted to Poetry

saturday, february 14, 2003
i am headed to the airport
anticipation mounting every second of the way
a smile breaking across my lips
breathing deeply
the sweet air
surrounding a long-awaited moment
to see someone i love
to take him in my arms
and hold him tight
to take care of him
like i have wanted to for so long
i hold our picture in my hands
the one we took the last time
that we were together
his long hair
died red at the end
his nose ring
the red fishnet
under his cut-off nina hagem shirt
with the jeans
that his mom sewed red and black flowers on
i remember the pictures i have on my dresser at home
of him in his silk boustiers
and little skirts that even i couldnt fit into
so i dont know how he does
with his 6'4" self
i have been waiting for this moment for so long
hes not going to stay forever
but for a time my cousin will be home
where i can take care of him
and see that he is alright