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are you calling me weird you Son Of a Bitch?!!!

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just i dont mind being weird (isnt being weird the trend these days).

do you really know all the lead formula thing-a ma-jigs or did you get that from a book. you got me stumped. im still in basic math (i hate math and foreign language-my brain doesnt get that stuff very well).

its 345 pm here-what time would it be there. i know you all are ahead of us but by how far...and does that mean you are in the future and im always in the past...hmmn.

imagine yourself in front of a large tree. now imagine there is a squirrel on the other side of the tree. you want to see this squirrel so you walk around the tree. the squirrel being smarter than most squirrels also moves around the tree (always in the same direction and always staying opposite of you). this is the question-as you walk around the tree are you also walking around the squirrel???

im taking a philosophy class and that was one of the questions. thought id see how you Europeans think.

heres sort of another one...

The dog is running. you can change this sentence and say...It is running. 'it' is understood as the dog.

changing the subject now...

It is raining.

What is raining?

if you dont like those im sorry...thats all i got right now. as far as music goes im a pretty eclectic cat. i try to get a little bit of everything in my ears. i started my musical journey long ago with the oldies riding in my parents car on long trips and eventually discovered The Beatles (who are like pot in that they are a gateway to other genres of music) now im into a lot of different far as rap goes---check out Del The Funky Homosapien. his album Deltron 3030 is kick ass. im lovin The Strokes right now too.

ok im done now...ill see you in the past.