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Dragon Girl

Posted to Poetry

Peach pit of my blossom hand,
The apple of my eye;
Light of my dementia
And the girl for whom I'd die.
Slender sleight of silver streak
Aglossed in auburn curl,
While figure hug abandon seek,
You devil dragon girl.

Tawny lights of twinkle eyes
That glimmer without care,
And rose-cheeks ruddy mesmerise
My sight while you are there.
Steady strong with every beat
In optimistic whirl,
As passion lights on land-sprung feet,
You dancing dragon girl.

Sensing life in rainbow rays
As sparkle studs of light,
While frond-like fingers smooth away
The demons of my night.
Illuminate translucent face
With magic motioned swirl,
And gently jesting quiet grace,
You dreamer dragon girl.