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the british are always in front (by about 5 hours i think)

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but i think the beatles are overrated. (isn't saying the beatles are overrated the trend these days).

i do not really know all the lead formula thing-a-ma-jigs, or did i get that from a book? no, i got it from a peculiar response zero hero posted to me over on the haiku board. i think it's knowledge valuable to absolutely no-one, so i pass it on to everyone.

the squirrel;
yes you are walking around the squirrel, but you are also following the tree as it shifts along the earth, draggin' worms and dirt and potatoe string.

the dog is raining cats and hydrated oxygen convection from the sea spray. does that answer your question Son of a Bitch?!!!
i guess not.

here's a question for you. imagine you are a flower. you are held in the earth, and receive nutrients from the soil. if you are a flower, why are you on the internet? answer me that.

are you at uni? in america do unis give you time to sign up to any other classes you want at any point during the term?

i love deltron 3030, del is a great rapper, dan the automator is a great producer. have you heard of the roots? they're one of my favourite bands. and company flow? dirty, disturbing stuff it is.
i'm a bit undecided about the strokes. there's a music press over here that really ruins it. it gets totally shoved down your throat. yugh. THE STROKES THE STROKES THE STROKES!!!!!! etc. etc. so i kind of avoided them and listened to my bob dylan cd.
and because of the strokes, we have the worst lot of bands; Jet, The Hiss, (some other neanderthals with offensive facial hair)...and the fuckin NME calls every one of these the new best band ever. it's ridiculous. i just laugh. they got it right with The Libertines though, they're the bollocks.
there's too much music to talk about. check my list over here