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I'll Be Your Mirror...

Posted to Poetry

(for my creative writing class we had to write something incorporating warning labels, thus...)

That one morning when she
woke up screaming
I wondered where on her cold clammy body, it would say
"WARNING may cause hearing loss"

& When the shrill sounds subsided
she couldnt remember why it happened

(I think it had something to do
with the downhill progression of things)

I had to tell her that
a knife "may cause injury, most likely death"
When she brought it to her wrist
&tried to carve out a new beginning

(Alcohol might severly blind you, but
its only temporary, as the
morning nearly always comes)

Sometimes she'd dance to the music
that sighed from the phonograph
But she drifted so slowly,
less life behind every step

&I found it hard to love something so delicate
that it "may split and/or crack in extreme weather"

(WARNING: Objects in mirror are closer than they appear)
I realized, when she finally laid down
under the earth&flowers
and all our salty tears.