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Every single person
My heart's skipping beats again
if I have to keep smiling and aknowledging them all,
the top of my head will catch fire and i'll keel over
and die from the shock alone.
Stay out of the vapidity
Stay out of the vapidity
stay out of the vapidity
I keep saying to myself over and over again
and although I'm scared, if I close
my eyes today, right now, I'll fall face first into a wall.
They say hi. They all say hi, and smile into me
Smiling back I feel...Deadfaced, teeth exposed by rictus.
Walking, nervous body stiff, a living rigormortis;
I'm too stiff and uniform to run screaming away from here.
Three more hours to go till I can get home and dance,
rant, make faces
but mostly just breathe....