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But mostly just breathe...

Posted to Poetry

Silence provides an immensely satisfying
pregnancy in the void of non-being
Pain supercedes everything
when bones burn cold
and turn upon themselves
in a lashing rage-
and not knowing a thing,
but working every day-
This is no life for me;
My sliver tongue
deserves so much more
than this empty hole of a stomach-
frustratingly incapable of
swallowing words-
Don’t take me literally,
my words fall
blindingly short of conveying
what I really mean-
Life cuts off my edges
like a pair of tight shoes
pinching the toes
and essence seeps out
in paper thin cuts;
A flaccid husk or sieve-
I refill myself in vain
never realizing
my soul long ago
hung up its hopes
of ever tolerating me-
They say I’m pretty,
They say I’m smart,
but they are all idiots.