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Undressing with Company

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Undressing with Company

"I'll take off
my coat" as she
stripped to the
bone since apparently gin
ger has quite an
affect on her lawless
ly circling suffragette city
girls dancing like
someone that I
used to know
Robert and
Clayton and well I
guess Casto too
spreading her open like 24 stores
spreading her swiftly
like jelly on gin
gerbread softly em
bracing I ran off
his clothes

............covered with
kisses now tickled
at friendly sites sober
for once and it's
happening now
goodbye to the
TVs goodbye to the
movies goodbye to
having done well

............softly en
circling the brief
night allotted us ("sh
did you hear that?
I think he's
awake") I could go to
Baltimore check on
the hash again check
if the orioles flew
all away or stay
and be pummeled with
his domination
invited most wel
coming into my clothes

ing with company stir
ring in tickling
massaging my loyal
ty begging for more I
could use some gin
now or ginger or gin
gerbread could use
a drink now but no time
to spare massaging
my loyalty loyalty's
loose now what loyalty
loose now his buttons
my hair.