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The following contains the
greatest work because it is
contained therefore they say the
best. I showed it to my neigh

bor the engineer the com
puter scientist the el
ectrical whose words are a
different language to me

says I should double space it
looks longer. He'll make money
I think stepping off the train
to walk through the breath of who

walked here before ignoring
mocking songs ringing too high
for Bach. If I could walk in
to a cube to be secure

happy with a paycheck set
with typing in air drier
than most maybe I will too.
I will learn to be the law

yer and learn the language of
playing with words any art
can be a paycheck when think
ing like a neighbor. It is

easy to forget that you
look for love when you look for
the walkincloset the big
friendly dog the newspaper

boy milk eggs wait specify
soy if possible skim
asks the man opposite me
asks the woman a dry please

extra hot latte but I
can't find the button on the
touch screen register because
her brick road golden necklace

has caught my eye. If this makes
me sad I will get drunk or
crazy or contained as I
hear it's the best way to write

and be like the following.