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will o' the wisping fag talks hard and low

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no Doors, no. i've not heard anything outside of 'Light My Fire' and 'The End' from apocalypse now. i wasn't really saying the beatles are overrated, i guess i just mean that i'm not in the position to appreciate them as much as everyone else does. i know you weren't there, but you were introduced to it as a kid, so it's got sentimental value too, which is hugely important, and i get sick of the whole 'shoving it down your throat thing, it's silly i know, i'd be listening to the beatles and the strokes if it wasn't for all the fuddermuckin hype. the rolling stones kick arse. (in places, like Gimme Shelter one of my favourite songs evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver)

i still say that some artists equal if not top the beatles. nick drake for one. radiohead for two. bjork for three. ok they're not all strictly within the same genre, but who gives a fuck? aphex twin equals miles davis.

have you heard of Hamell on Trial? i think you'll really enjoy his stuff. it's sort of old-school rock 'n' roll, like the stones, the clash, ... but with really original lyrics. try getting his choochtown, or his tough love album. alot of my friends also like metal, but i'm not the sort of person that 'moshes'. i'd be fearful for my life. all i can manage is a few finger twists to the odd elvis tune.
if you want to listen to some interesting music, this is a member here's site
he's called foolish paeter. he calls himself a cross between tom waits and captain beefheart. my favourite is An Eye Called Amy

Music here-fin.

zero hero is a damn cool dude. i've been jammin with him on the haiku board, and he's really sort of guiding me that way.

and now...

the death of a star
road kill on higway of man
other side of stars

implosion ushers change
ripple effect swan lake sinks
beaks snapping black heat

woman in shadows
her dark energy ripples
cobweb of my fate

slow-motion moth cloud
encircles ray of light placed
burning leaves beneath her feet.

in the eagle's nest
natural life on a high plane
she walks mountain sky

in a buzzard dump
beneath decomposing life
nature recycles

on juts of mountain
lie curious angels that
overlook the bay

lagoon stills itself
taking hold of my senses
colours on relax

my heart is still free,
in the tallons of her brain,
trackless virgin snow

the black grey rock juts
above green of the tree line
the white streaked summit

only dust where trees
had bred displaying colours
wealthy lumberjack

crys himself to sleep
dreaming restless dreams in woods
crows on his trail now