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Nothing’s Captured Digitally

Posted to Poetry

Earlier this afternoon, a rainbow ran up my spine and sighed,
“Whoa, that was mostly blue, a bit of red left to mix up to purple, there was too much yellow to give us a good orange though, I had to use it all to get a good hue, with all the blue.”
Then, PM Dawn said, “Chase the blues away take your mind off reality and leave her alone.”
After that, a paintings green eyes, smirked and pushed, “You were looking at pictures again.”
Off to the right hand man, stands three nuns
(Oh my, there is so much sorrow in their empathy, and I’m too sympathetic to those downward glances.)
It’s naturally in everything, to find a leopards spots stretching into copper sailed ships, pointing directly for the sunsets west, for the new world, ordering the thoughts below rain stick, lacquered cactus, three inch glittering spines captured in the scar tissue, of my physical beings drift, away from that scene before PhD’s, in raincoats prescribe SRI’s, to silence the screams, of peacocks getting their tail feathers plucked, by delusions tip toeing wooden rope bridges, built to pass over rapids unseen for the depths, of this canyon, only here, for tourists with Cannons, “I’ve got to get this picture! I’ll never see anything like this again.” He’s missing the beauty here, focusing lenses on the light that happens this time of day, to be just right.
My skin hasn’t crawled anywhere, but it vibrates to the beat that brought a rainbow up my spine, earlier this afternoon?
Everything digital says, there are two minutes remaining till all shadows disappear, for the suns highest, reminiscent spot