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a phase quickly forgotten

Posted to Poetry

i find my hands in my lap. frozen in words like coal mine canaries. a lock on the latch of time. a place of secret translation. a fear of denying what is completion in a sterilized cardboard box. proper management team of boxer rebellion footsteps and surviving in cold sandpaper soundscapes. release to yonder where words mean more when not said. merely stains on the window. sheets. face. tumult buries the logic of worm words. a reflection in the eye of plotted perfection. the unforgetable wade in the storm drain swimming pool. drown from the air in the water flapping mounds in a calm desert breeze. drizzle my hours away like moths to the most inticing flame. an addiction slowly rises on red clay clouds spat upon a dusky snow capped mountain. calm enters without recognition. i shall make my bed with the snakes and let them sleep where they may. a tiny corpusle of feeling is all i can muster at these hours of unendable raging wide eyes and ruby lip memories...