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Why you scrappy piece of dog flesh

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i never mentioned your name in the post(man). i guess duece and maybe lance are about the only two guys i hang out with any more that are still really into it...maybe pat too. i never dissed the music either i just said im not personally down with it but i do respect it...and The Strokes are fuckin kick ass.
by and by like a fly on a wall i listen to the metal rebel yell in you all-i make no negative comment torward your sacred disks of noise but feel free to trash my visions of circular sacredness with a flick of the wrist into a phalic middle finger devoid of all thats good and fiendishly conspire to kill the music that helps thicken my soul into a bowl of love pudding...
love pudding? hmmmn...ok well its either love pudding or ill climb up your mountainous drive-way (ill never make it) and destroy the Count de Kermulon...

goo by