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starkweather mumbled in his sleep

Posted to Poetry

ballistic sentence perameter rounds the chalk outline of hereditary influence on parchment papyrus reeds. a necktie fitted to the most gangreneous of necks. wilt like the flowers bloom. a harsh word now and then in red and white flame tipped blades. rocked the boats hull to the very viscera where we slept our sickness away. an insecurity leeks out here and there to be swallowed by the sea. the great sponge of homogenous recyclable mental filth that cant be cleaned even by brain floss. blue sparkling marble lipstick applied by the coldest of fingers. they say when i died my dick became rock hard. death must be a fine specimen of liveliness. they told me they had to snap my erection in half just to get me in the goddamn coffin. at least the coroners had enough sense not to cut it off. for then my Sekhu would melt blue teal teeth into every open jaw in the room. golden frammed portraits indulge my self pity like the canary to the python. a wonder of words. establishes nothing. it reeks of swealtering emptiness in a vacuum suction world.