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Bad Water

Posted to Poetry

Small time, small town
Stained teeth and hicky lean
Once upon a time bar maiden
With a fowl mouth
And a reputation for being easy
Who looked good enough in
Van Gogh’s Night Cafe
Yellow green pool hall lights
To get most of her drinks for free
Was easy to talk to
After a couple if you had a couple

Stood standing
Grinding it out at the juke box
Late, late one night
Spit singing one to many
Impromptu karaoke’s
At Ray
The local barkeep
Who had enough of that wail
And the power of refusing to serve

Pissed Darlene off
Who just let go
Ray didn’t even know what it was
Just something went whizzing by
Smashed a couple of glasses
Clanked to the floor
But that was more than enough
To give Darlene the heave

Morning clean up
Ray spotted last night’s culprit
Hiding behind the aged red countertop
Six inches of razor daddy, no shit sharp, silver blade
Nosed dived in solid oak plank an stuck good

In an instant
Without permission
Ray’s mind played a different song
About the night before
This time Darlene’s arm didn’t fail
The steel blade wedged in just below the ear
Lucky shot
Dropped him dead and twitching to the floor
Darlene standing over him
Shake it off little buddy
Shake it off
Like he was squirrel she had road killed
Out on the clankty clank road of a highway
That led to the old farm
Ray quickly blinked twice and
Held his eyes closed for a moment while he
Worked the knife out
It took some work
Gentility folded it and slipped it
Into his pocket like a lost quarter
It didn’t take long for the word to get out
Darlene found her bar days had worn thin

Took up with the twelve steps
And Glen
Hard drinking preacher with a persistent for
Fire and brimstone, the temptations of flesh
Talking in tongues
And grabbing a handful of serpents
On a fine Sunday morn
Following Jesus with Signs
His church out on Sandy Mountain
Darlene was soon feverly
Temping the heavens
Knowing she had the power over them there snakes
Until Glen like the others before him
Had enough of that wail
Like he need a reason
Glen set Darlene up to be
The conniving homicidal adulteress
She longed to play
In an act less than romantic
Than Cleopatra of Thebes
Darlene lay bitten and dieing
By the closes thing to the devil
In them there Blue Mountains
The biggest nastiest Timber rattler
That glen kept
In that Out back There Shed
It would have been a perfect too
If not for a quick cab ride
And intervention of modern medicine

Glen watches the rock and
Darlene rocks out on Glen’s old front porch
Out of bars and churches
Wistfully desiring a new addiction
But once you have had
God’s venom in your veins
Or for that matter anything else
Just ain’t going to
Cut it