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disclaimer for my writing

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i pulled my sister dead from the pool.
i displaced my own head and began to dance.
i chased cars along the road and sang to myself.
i pulled off the catch from a firework and wept.
i swallowed salt water surf, allowing it to bury me.
i pulled myself clear from a ten car pileup.
i set fire to my toys and inhaled the burning plastic.
i threw my bedclothes out the window and tried to escape.
i looked at people straight in the eye expecting them to laugh.
i dreamt of her holding my hand salivating and grunting.
i covered my hairy legs with a towel and secretly vomited.
i threw myself from a fire escape in a dark african american night.
i flirted with self-harm but gave up after i stained the bed.
i knelt my head down and i was in some kind of heaven.
i vibrated my body to the movement of a bird.
i saw evening shadows dissolve across the park and sighed relief.
i try.