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The White House Explodes

Posted to Poetry

The White House explodes in a white light
fit to burn. But first the foundations
must collapse if we're to smell the burning corpse of businessmen.
The White House explodes, arms and legs fly
from the cabinet. "We must all go through the
right channels", he said. But all the right
channels are part of this too.
So marble implodes and chips of tombstone lodge
in the walls. Their heads on sticks! Their children
on crucifix. Aren't they all christian martyrs under
their flaccid rippled skin? The White House
explodes and the south lawn stained red with
the blood of those ignorants that dragged you
into the battlefield. I stayed clear, reading the papers
was enough I say. The beautiful White House;
luckily for Roosevelt not the "Inferior Primitive
Negroid Savage House", is scattered at last
and we are left with only seven more to fall in the West.