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House of Absentees

Posted to Poetry

In the house on the hill
I stride from room to empty room

I've taken all the pictures down
the house feels pure now
it has no history
no voice

think I'll run a bath
and write a letter

In our absence
the world has changed
let us be
friends, the world and I

Tonight will glow
with a moonlit fog
I won't make a sound
but it wouldn't matter if I did
(her whispers are louder than the distractions I'm left with)

She drew a curtain
(watch an angel draw a curtain, there's nothing more perfect)
She drew a curtain on the world

The real estate agent stared at the empty picture frames
and the white walls and the white rug with an albino cat
(called, ironically, Felix-noir)
on that particular day I was wearing all black
I said will you help me – there's a body out the back

I watched the trail of dust as he drove back down the valley
maybe I should not have made a joke at his expense
but I did.