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Waning Solace

Posted to Poetry

Lately I’ve had no place
wherein to write my poems
that white blankness of paper
is now constantly littered
with friends and the bones
of discarded words
and fragments of things
I cannot give a name to
Once I could articulate
all of this-
but now solitude eludes me
and I feel the heat of these
warring like beasts
for some peace beneath
my breast-
I lose myself for a moment
begin to feel something-
then faces fall down from the sky
ravaging the peace
and gnashing their teeth
in a macabre rictus
which would swallow my poetry
in one greedy bite
while I work
while I smoke-
while I do all things mundane
and can only watch on
in a silent horror
as they feast on
my body-
leaving only a brain
roving for a home
which has been stripped
of all purpose,
save for hope