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A coke for your soul?

Posted to Poetry

I wonder about the government
and what they can and can't do.
Can you nourish my soul Dr. Dean?
You say you can. A curious dilemma, for me.
You see, I'm a soulful man, I must admit
I'm on what some might call a spiritual journey,

I recently gave up philosophy in favor of poetry,
Devotion for mysticism.
It's just who am I suppose.
I realized it in an airport reading Steppenwolf
and really breathing for the first time since
I hurt my girlfriend real bad.
I said her negativity was bringing me down,
I made her cry because I wanted to nourish her soul
and she would have none of it
(She's a stubborn girl but I love her and I'm so, so sorry).

My roommate and I, at the tale end of a heated discussion on the WTO, capitalism, globalization, bla bla bla finally came down to the real question, "So how do you help people?"
I dunno.

I'm tired of poems that end with the tonic so everyone goes home satisfied,
Let me ask you, dear reader, who has helped you and why?
Answer honestly and maybe you'll receive a coke in the mail, maybe I'll even spring for a six pack in the glass bottles.
We all love those.