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Want of drool.

Posted to Poetry

Andy's down the stairwell
planning an escape from jail,
the naked bulb's hanging tail
of light details his
hanging face.
I'm a scared shit -
I want success
but I don't know
anything myself.
I rely on this
I need a kiss.
Put me to bed, look after the kids,
I'll repay all of you with a fuck.
I want to learn how to read your books,
I want to write like noah.
Gavin sells dog tails,
black market pine smells,
flavours of the wilderness
infect my over-tired gills.
I only have the valley here,
I got stuck when they fed me beer.
Only a kid of twenty two,
already visible lines and tears.
I see myself in a couple of years,
by way of predilection,
ill and alone and roaming these hills
vein-lipped sugar-eyed and dead.